My latest kitchen project / Най-новата ми кухня

We are almost ready:

How do you like it? E-mail me if you need help with your kitchen or any other interior design project, or problem :)
Най-новата ми кухня - почто напълно готова - харесва ли ви? Ако имате нужда от помощ - пишете ми!

Етапи на проектиране

Първи етап
Втори етап

Третият етап - останаха си същите само плочките и някои от шкафовете :)
Останалите снимки от проекта можете да видите тук.
А ако имате нужда от помощ за вашата нова кухня или проект за която и да било част от жилището - потърсете ме!

Една нова кухня


или това:


клиентката:Ива Иванова03.01.2017
Изключително съм доволна от проекта и изпълнението на кухнята. Препоръчвам на всички заинтересовани.

Interior design project - apartment for renting

This is an apartament that a foreign couple asked me to furnish for renting. It was bought before the construction and we found that there were a lot of details to be finished off before beginning the real interior design, including floor levelling, replastering of walls and ceilings, changing electricity, pipiing, etc. So I did this with the help of a construction company that I usually work with and then suggested my designer solutions to the owners. We had to coordinate all the work through internet mainly. Since they considered that the renters will probably bring their own furniture, I was asked to design only the kitchen, bathroooms, wallk-in dressing room and a small wet-room; as well as all the flooring, painting, wallpapers, lighting, curtains and wardrobes in the bedrooms.

Glass-fiber wallpaper in the kitchen and adjacent diningroom.

Large bathroom and Small Bathroom - almost finished. Cupboards hiding boiler and cosmetics are my design.

The project for the entrance - tiles at the door, continuing in the walk-in wardrobe to the left, and wooden floor allover except in the kitchen, bathrooms and wet-room.

Това е проектът за настилките в коридора - плочки гранитогрес на входа и дъбов паркет по-нататък в цялото жилище.


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